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Northwoods GoJS for HTML5 Canvas v2.0.9


Staff member
Jan 24, 2019
GoJS makes it easy to create interactive site , link, and group diagrams with customizable templates and layouts.

Info: https://www.nwoods.com/products/gojs/

Data binding and templates
GoJS supports graphic templates and data binding of object properties to model data. Only a model consisting of simple javascript objects should be saved and restored. GoJS makes it easy to read and write models in JSON format.

Careful Documentation
Authors provide extensive API documentation and detailed reviews of GoJS concepts with interactive examples. With over 90 examples, you will find many examples of GoJS properties and methods.

Lightning-fast chart in the browser
GoJS takes advantage of HTML Canvas to support high-performance charts. To create static documents and print resources, GoJS supports exporting charts to images and SVGs.

GoJS supports all modern browsers (IE9 +), including mobile browsers.